Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nokia PC Suite 6.8 _Review

Supports more connetivity for the Nokia smart phones.Users can do various thing between their PC and mobile phones with this suite.
In the PC side user can edit,import/export contacts,connect to internet from the phone,software installation to the phone,synchonisation etc.

A lot of things can be done with this suite.Better productivity solutions it offers.Sometimes it shows some USB errors.In low end systems with 128MB RAM it does not connect to the phone via the USB data cable.IR and Bluetooth supports nice.

I connected to the internet and the title of the One Touch Access (Internet connectivity tool) shows 'No phones connected'.Whether it supports only Net connectivity rathan than phone connectivity.I don't know.Finally it is a must have everyone who having the good system specification and a smartphone.

Rating: 4.0/5

Irfan View_review

Irfan View_review

It opens more image formats like psd,gif ,jpeg, png etc etc.It also plays audio/video files like avi, mpeg,mp3 ,wmv etc.Dark background for image opening is good and it does not annyoying for me.It having the features such as inserting text,adding © information,negative image view,reducing/improving contrast etc.

Within 2MB this program has lot of features and performance.Opening a file from context menu is also available.Having the freeware license it is a must have who want to do more with their image files.

Download link:

Rating : 4.5/5